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Effective Customer Care

Turn your customers into Raving Fans!

Customer care is not a department, it's an attitude. Join us for this exciting one-day intervention and ensure that every representative of your company is armed to create customers who are raving fans!

Can your business afford to lose customers?

Many companies have mission statements and value propositions that state their commitment to customer care, but is everyone in the business focused on customer care - and do they have the necessary skills and knowledge to care for your customer?

Exceed the customer's expectations - first time, every time



Front Foot Strategic Consulting has been awarded accreditation status as a provider of Education and Training in terms of the South African Qualification Authority Act.

This workshop is Seta Accredited
US 10053 - NQF Level 5, Credits 8

All Front Foot workshop presenters are subject-matter experts.

Front Foot is a Majority Black-Owned Level 2 EME – 125% Recognition

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What is ‘Customer Service’?

Principles of Customer Service

Important Elements of Customer Service


Management of Personal Emotions

A Calming Presence

Tenacity & Thoroughness

Empathy: Pretend it’s you




Crucial Skills

Communication skills

Listening skills

Problem Solving Skills


Initiative and pro-activeness


Task orientation


Communication: The Basics

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Forms of Communication

Distinguishing Between Content and Context

Thinking Preferences

Left & Right Brain

Barriers to Effective Communication

The Importance of Removing Barriers

Removing Barriers: Two Crucial Tools

Non-verbal Communication Behaviour

Checklist for Clear Communication

Email Etiquette


Effective Communication in Conflict

Transactional Analysis

What is Transactional Analysis?

Types of Human Transactions

Games We Play

Using Transactional Analysis

Approaching Conflict Constructively

What NOT to do

What TO do

The Assertive Approach (Adult)

Essential Elements in Using the Assertive Approach

De-escalation Skills



Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence





Social Skills

How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Observe how you react to people

Look at your work environment

Do a self-evaluation

Examine how you react to stressful situations

Take responsibility for your actions

Examine how your actions will affect others

Helping Team Members Develop their Emotional Intelligence

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in your Team

Building Emotional Intelligence

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People*


The Character of Conflict

Sources of Conflict

Personal Differences

Conflicting Objectives

Lack of Information

Role Incompatibility

Environmental stress

Why Stress Makes Customers ‘Difficult’

Time Stress

Anticipatory Stress

Situational Stress

Encounter Stress

Expectations as a Catalyst for Conflict / Service Breakdowns

Managing Expectations - there is only one way to get a positive increase in energy

Mrs Jones

It’s All About the Gap


Resolving Conflict

Understanding the Theory: Conflict Styles

Being Creative When Solving Conflict

Styles of Dealing with Conflict

6Understanding the Theory: The "Interest-Based Relational Approach"

The Rules of IBR

Using the Tool: A Conflict Resolution Process

Set the Scene

Gather Information

Agree the Problem

Brainstorm Possible Solutions

Negotiate a Solution

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Who should attend?

  • Managing Directors and CEOs
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Customer Service Managers and Supervisors
  • Call Centre Managers and Supervisors
  • Training Managers
  • Everyone who works directly with customers

Training approach

Our courses use interactive tools that allow learners to learn by doing.

The experience for learners is fun, rewarding, lasting and integrative, whilst employers are assured of a high return on investment in training.

Event Information:
Date: 5th November 2020 at Benvenuto Conference Centre in Randburg

4th December 2020 at Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Boksburg

20th January 2021 at Benvenuto Conference Centre in Randburg

11th February 2021 at Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Boksburg

Map: View map
Duration: 1 Day
Cost: R2 350.00 excl VAT
R2 702.50 incl VAT
Surcharge: Strict Halaal and Kosher meals carry an additional surcharge

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