Personal Efficiency
And Effective Time Management

Do you battle to keep up-to-date with your ever-increasing workload?
Do you find it difficult to meet your deadlines? Are you stuck in a never ending round of meetings - leaving little or no time to complete reports - or even make it to the next meeting on time?

Share in the secrets of Personal Efficiency
You'll be shown simple and invaluable procedures and tools that will leave you armed with a methodology that will empower you with the confidence to manage your schedule easily and effortlessly.

There is a lot more that goes into Personal Efficiency training than just time management. Personal Efficiency means having a system in place to handle whatever life throws at you, being able to balance your work and your personal life, and being able to achieve your personal best. More than just a to-do list or a new calendar app, personal development training requires long-term commitment to really reap the rewards. While it's a huge undertaking, it's also one where the results are completely worth it!

This one-day training course will whip you back into shape so you can stay on top!

Delegates learn how to get over the myth of multitasking, explore how long-term goals affect short-term efficiency, study Pareto's 80/20 Rule and learn how it should affect planning, and more!

In addition to learning how to boot themselves into gear, delegates will learn the best ways to organize their office and how routines can simplify life. There's not only one way to start working at your best, and everyone's personal development will take a slightly different route, but Front Foot will provide all of the most effective techniques to help make your personal productivity plan perfect.



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How You Will Benefit:

  • Identify what personal efficiency is, including useful skill sets and attitudes
  • Explore what role long-term goals play in short-term efficiency and set a personal vision, dreams, and goals
  • Study the 80/20 rule and the Eisenhower principle
  • Develop a plan for an efficient workspace, including a customized information center and a filing system
  • Learn about a system that will allow you to process any type of information that crosses your desk
  • Explore why you procrastinate and develop methods for tackling tasks
  • Develop ideas and tools to make your household more productive and efficient

What We Will Cover:

  • Understanding personal efficiency
  • Developing the right attitude
  • Laying the foundation
  • The building blocks of a good organizational system
    (including the 80/20 rule)
  • Creating the right environment
  • Setting up your info management center
  • Managing information in six easy steps
  • Prioritizing your tasks with the Eisenhower principle
  • Saying no
  • Creating routines
  • Stopping procrastination now (not later!)
  • Applying our lessons at home
Event Information:
Date: 9th November 2020 at Benvenuto Conference in Randburg

1st December 2020 at Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Boksburg

20th January 2021 at Benvenuto Conference in Randburg

24th February 2021 at Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Boksburg

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1 Day


R 2 350.00 excl VAT

R 2 702.50 incl VAT

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