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Cleaning And Serving Staff Business Etiquette

Staff members who know the basic rules of business etiquette and good manners will not only enhance your image - they may even delight your clients.

This workshop is aimed at Cleaning and Serving Staff and is excellent for training new employees and refreshing existing employee’s skills. The Tea Lady plays a key role in providing a refreshment service to the company’s customers and staff. During this workshop, emphasis is placed on a variety of basic skills required by cleaning and tea ladies to provide excellent service to your staff and customers.

We highlight basic telephone and communication skills, introduction to business etiquette, stock control, and cleaning, personal, kitchen and bathroom hygiene.

This course will assist and provide the learner with increased workplace management skills and aim to instill a sense of responsibility. Improve attention to detail, highlight the importance on all aspects of hygiene within the workplace and to increase the delegate’s confidence and competence in fulfilling their tasks.

Basic telephone skills and importance of customer service are also covered to prepare delegates for a possible promotion into a receptionist or junior office admin position.

We cover how to be considerate of others, appropriate dress, the workplace versus social situations, conversation skills, and small talk. Cultural differences affecting South African’s in everyday business.

This is a highly interactive and participative workshop which includes a combination of delegate input on real life experiences.



Front Foot Strategic Consulting has been awarded accreditation status as a provider of Education and Training in terms of the South African Qualification Authority Act.

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Basic Telephone Etiquette, Listening Skills and Message Taking

  • What is telephone etiquette?
  • Why is message taking important?

Introduction to Business Etiquette and Customer Service

  • Overview of basic business etiquette
  • Dining etiquette
  • Why do we need customers?
  • Why do we have to care for our customers?

Dress Code

Office Maintenance

  • Boardrooms and equipment
  • Coffee stations and water fountains
  • Desk cleaning and dusting
  • Equipment cleaning and attention
  • Floor and carpet cleaning
  • Garbage and can areas
  • Office maintenance and regular check-ups of equipment
  • Report damaged / broken equipment
  • Window cleaning

Restroom Cleaning

  • Cleaning of the restrooms, showers and locker rooms
  • Dispensers
  • Odour control
  • Preparing and replacing stock

The Kitchen

  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Equipment care
  • Stock control of the kitchen
  • Kitchen floor cleaning

Preparing Refreshments

  • Efficiency and timely delivery of refreshments for meetings or functions
  • Freshness of food and beverages
  • How to prepare a tea / coffee tray
  • Preparing refreshments for a meeting
  • Professional serving



The Role of Good Manners in Business
When using accepted etiquette, you’re using behaviours that encourage human response. You are more likely to get positive results, earn co-operation and support, get commitments, gain clients, and keep peace!

Basic Etiquette
Greeting properly and appropriate responses
Introducing people correctly
No-no behaviour in public

General Behavioural Principles at Work
Honour other people’s territory
Expand your knowledge
Handle mistakes gracefully
Honour your working hours

Dressing appropriately for work: you don't want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons
Hair, make-up and accessories: make it work for you
Personal hygiene: 99% isn't good enough.


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1 Day

Cost: R 2 250.00 excl VAT
R 2 587.50 incl VAT
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